"Building a stronger community by cultivating a new generation of leaders"


Parent of Jasmine (5th grade) and Selena (3rd grade)

"After becoming teachers at Quincy Coders, my daughters gained confidence in public speaking, be able to form their thoughts more effectively, be able to transfer their creative thinking into physical projects. They are able to help their peers to learn a new skill. They feel accomplished and grateful they can help. Also, with the teachers’ roles, they captured observation, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. As a parent, I am very happy and grateful for the opportunities."


Parent of Maggie (5th grade) and Matthew (4th grade)

"After joining Quincy Coders teachers’ team, Maggie and Matthew gained confidence in public speaking; they have an opportunity to practice on their team work skills. They feel more comfortable to ask for clarification, reaching out for help if they have any questions. They learned how to discuss their thoughts more effectively" 


Parent of Adhit (5th grade)

"Coding not only improved Adhit's critical and analytical thinking but it also improved his confidence level and encouraged him to explore new ideas and opportunities. Coding actually helped in his creativity by creating interacting  games animations and other digital creations. It also helped in fostering his imagination and thinking outside the box. Overall coding is helping him to develop his valuable skills that will serve well in the future." 


Parent of Cecilia (5th grade)

"Quincy coder provides an opportunity for Cecilia to speak up in front of a group of students.  Also, she has built the friendship with other teachers and students.   She enjoys working her coding projects with her friends.   This is the best peer learning group and we are grateful to be part of it."


Parent of Vienna M. (6th grade) and Victoria M. (4th grade)

"I love seeing how big sister is helping the little sister and teaching her coding after class" 

 Parent of Sofia H (2nd grade)

"Sofi grew in confidence, speaking louder and becoming more assertive. She loves the responsibility of assisting teachers in class.  This is a great program that trains our kids to become young leaders and we are very fortunate to be a part of a great movement!" 

Parent of Conor H (5th grade)

"I have seen a drastic growth in Conor's confidence and creative thinking. Quincy Coders has been a wonderful experience and we are grateful to be part of a great group of parents and kids who strive to positively influence the community.  Not only does he have a chance to step up to leadership roles, more importantly, he has a chance to give back to the community.  Coming from an immigrant family, my parents never had money for extracurricular classes like these, so I really think Quincy Coders is a great resource for the under privileged families by offering these free classes!"


Parent of Shawn S (4th grade)

"Enrolling our son in the coding class has been an incredibly rewarding experience for our family. The class environment encourages collaboration and teamwork, providing ample opportunities for him to step into leadership roles and mentor his peers. Our son has formed bonds with his classmates, bonding over shared interests in coding and collaborating on projects together. These friendships have not only enriched his learning experience but have also provided him with a community of like-minded individuals."      

Parent of Kameron (6th grade)

"Quincy Coders has been such an enriching experience for my son as it has served as an outlet for him to really showcase his passion for computers/coding. But what I feel has been most invaluable, particularly as an only child at home, has been the endless opportunities for him to interact and socialize with fellow peers of varying age/background from the wider community and bonding over common interests."