We are currently fully volunteer-based. Please support us!

Maximize your gift through your employer’s matching gift program! Your generous donations are now TAX-DEDUCTIBLE through our fiscal sponsor BCNC (Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center), a registered non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) (EIN #23-7209691).  

Quincy Coders

Unlock your potential. Leaders by design

Our mission is to inspire our youth and encourage peer coaching/learning through an educational technological path, ie. coding, 3D design, STEM in a less structured or informal (more enjoyable) environment. With knowledge, our future successors will develop confidence, feel empowered to take that early journey on a path of leadership and be better prepared for success in life.

We commit to focus on seeking support/resources to expand and deepen our community outreach so that our young future leaders, particularly those under-privileged, have access to the invaluable opportunities they deserve.

Our heartfelt thanks to all for your continued support and donations! ♥️

Who are we?We are a FREE coding club based in Quincy, MA serving our local and neighboring community youth.Kids teaching other kids how to code.Fun and collaborative atmosphereRecommended for Grades 4-8
What do we do?We currently teach Scratch and TinkercadCheck out some of the programs we teach.Everyone is welcome. We do not discriminate.
When do we meet?We have events weekly.Check out our calendar here.
Where are the events?We are based in and around Quincy, MA.We have events at different locations.
Why Quincy Coders?We want to create an accessible STEM-based leadership program.
How do I enroll my child?Fill in our Enrollment Form.You will receive an email weekly with events and information on how to sign up.We recommend a windows computer, but for most events, a laptop with a browser is adequate.

A very special thanks to our Community Leaders for their unwavering support!

Visit from City of Quincy Councilor, Ian Cain (Jan 2024)

Visit from City of Quincy Councilor, Nina Liang (Jan 2024)

Visit from State Representative, Tackey Chan (Dec 2023)