Download Scratch and Tinkercad onto your laptop and create an account before your first class! If you need help, please arrive 15mins early and someone can help you.

Is experience needed for my child to attend? No experience is required for our sessions, just the willingness to focus and learn and bringing a fully charged laptop for it! :)

What if my child doesn't like computers or coding?  There is no obligation to stay enrolled in our sessions, but it may take a few attendances to adapt to a new skill or to acclimate in a new surrounding.

Can any child enroll?  Children of any age can enroll, provided they can stay seated independently. However, these sessions are generally more suitable for 4th-8th graders.  We will be expanding our program offering to serve a younger age group, so please invite some friends!  Children learn better alongside someone they can bond with.

What is required for my child to enroll? Fill in our online enrollment form and you will receive the next available schedule/sign-up when it is distributed. Both Scratch and Tinkercad accounts are required to be setup on your child's laptop prior to attending the first session.  Please come prepared!  Your own laptop is required.

We are interested in your program, but have scheduling conflicts now. Will there be alternate availabilities on the horizon? Yes, please enroll your child. There is an option at the end of the enrollment form to share what day(s) are preferred. While we likely can't meet everyone's individual needs, this information is important as we hope to expand our availability in the future.